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Need balance assessment equipment? e3 carries forward-looking products from the world's leading manufacturers of balance testing solutions, Micromedical by Interacoustics and Bertec.


Micromedical RealEyes xDVR

Designed to observe and record eye movements on a computer during testing of a dizzy patient, RealEyes xDVR is a leading instrument for assessing the vestibular function.

Featuring software to record audio and video into a single file, push-button fixation lights, an external focus knob, and comfortable light-tight goggles, it comes in both monocular and binocular formats.


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  • Video Camera/Eye Image Resolution: 400 Line
  • Vision Denied or Allowed: Denied Only
  • Infrared Illumination: Yes
  • Fixation Light (Red): Push Button
  • Adjustable Focus: Internal
  • Adjustable Camera Aim: No
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Switch Camera Sides: No (Fixed)
  • Interconnect Box: Yes
  • Room Camera: Not available
  • Display Eye: Yes on TV
  • Record to Device: Yes to VCR/DVD-R
  • TV Connection: RCA Jack Inputs


  • High resolution b/w camera with infrared illumination
  • Push-button fixation light and microphone
  • Light-tight goggles eliminates fixation suppression
  • Fixed camera mounting for ease of use and durability
  • Use any video monitor with video input connector
  • Video record eye movements
  • Play back video for close-up evaluation, patient education, medical-legal reasons or scientific study.