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Vision screeners are an efficient and cost-effective way to identify visual impairment or eye conditions that could cause vision loss. Test results can be referred to an appropriate eye care professional for further evaluation and treatment. Whether you're screening students, employees, or patients, we have a vision screener that meets your needs.

Our inventory includes a wide variety of portable and stationary eye screeners to accommodate pediatric and adult patients. Perform assessments in more than one location using our pocket vision screeners or a spot vision screener. Set up an eye screener in one location with a desktop unit. Link plusOptix vision screener results directly to an EMR for the ultimate in efficiency. Screen people who wear progressive lenses with Depisteo vision screeners.

VT1 Junior Edition

Depisteo VT1® for Child Screening

The Depisteo VT1 vision screener for children allows you to test the visual acuity of children 5 years old and older. In addition to providing a large selection of screening tests, including hyperopia +1, depth perception, color, and much more, it completely integrates with your database for seamless and secure transfer of student test data. It performs a complete visual assessment in 2-5 minutes, allowing you to see more students daily and provide them with fast, necessary vision screening.

General Features

  • Performs a complete visual test in 2-5 minutes
  • 2-year warranty
  • Sensitive detector ensures correct head position
  • Inclines for patient adaptation
  • Easy to use, simple and customizable software
  • VT1 software compatible with XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10



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Technical Specifications

Technical Data:

WARRANTY: 2 years

DIMENSIONS: 19.7 x 10.63 x 9.8” / 50 x 27 x 25

WEIGHT: 4.8 kg / 10.7 lbs

LIGHTING CONDITIONS (NOMINAL VALUES): High photopic (160 candelas); Low photopic (80 candelas)

LIGHTING SYSTEM: Lit by 16 white LEDs driven by microcontroller and diffuser system

DISTANCES: ar Vision: (5.0 ± 0.1) m / (20.0 ± 0.4) ft; Intermediate Vision: (60.0 ± 0.5) cm/ (24.0 ± 0.2)"; Near Vision: (35.5 ± 0.25) cm/ (14.00 ± 0.1)"; Hyperopia Lens: +l dioptre

TEST BAND REACTIVITY: High-definition photographic film; Time between two neighboring tests: 700ms; Time to go from one slide to another: 1s

TEST TIME: Routine test: 3 minutes; In-depth test: 5 minutes

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: between 15 and 35°C / between 59 and 95°F

HUMIDITY: 75% maximum

POWER SUPPLY: 12 VDC from an external medical power supply


REFERENCE STANDARDS: EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-1-6, EN 62366-1, EN ISO 10993-5, EN ISO 10993-10, NF EN ISO 14971, NF EN 62304/Al NF EN 1041+Al, EN ISO 15223-1, ISO 8596, ANSI Z80.21, NF EN ISO 15004-2 :2007 §, EN ISO 10993-1